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    Gran parte de la literatura publicada en
    el campo de la economía está en inglés.


As a general rule, the lingua franca for economists is English. Much of the literature published in the field of economy is in English, international economic summits and conferences take place in English, and most post-graduate studies in economy are done entirely, or at least partially in English. This means that economists need to speak English in order to truly engage internationally. Not to do so would mean being limited to receiving information through interpreters and translators. If you are an economist, or work in a related field, and you think you would benefit from taking economic-centric, live one-to-one classes online with a skilled teacher, please contact us today to arrange an interview.

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1 10 hours $249.00 USD
2 30 hours $699.00 USD
3 50 hours $1,099.00 USD

We’d also like to invite you to watch these free English lessons for economists. They cover day-to-day news items, highlighting useful vocabulary in English all international economists should know.